Returns, Resizing, Shipping & Taxes


While working on estimates, a lot of couples ask us more information on how our shipping, duties & taxes, resizing and returns work.


Making such a valuable purchase online can be a bit daunting hence we have compiled our most popular FAQs related to shipping, resizing & returns, hope you find them helpful.



1) I know you guys provide free FedEx shipping but do I need to pay any additional duties or taxes once the parcel arrives?

No, you don't have to pay any import duty or sales tax once the parcel arrives. We ship with FedEx on "DDP" (Delivery Duty Paid) terms which means any potential taxes or duties are levied on us and we are responsible for any additional charges.


2) Do I have to manually get the parcel cleared from Customs?

No, we ship door to door using FedEx, you don't have to get the parcel cleared in order to receive the ring. All orders automatically get cleared by customs in 24 hours and and the ring is received in 3 working days from time the ring is shipped.


3) I know you offer free resizing but does that mean I have to ship it internationally to you guys in case our ring requires resizing?

To address any repair, prong tightening or resizing more efficiently, we have recently partnered with a reputed manufacturing jeweler in the US. Hence in case your ring requires resizing, we will be able to get it resized quickly from our local manufacturing partner.

However, we know that it is never easy parting away from the ring even for a few days, hence we also offer an option of getting it resized by a local manufacturing jeweler who might be able to quickly resize while you wait (Usually 15 mins~ 30 mins) for approx. $30~$60. In case anyone chooses to get their ring resized locally, we reimburse the amount paid for resizing back to the credit card.


4) Does the 30 day return period begin from the time I place or order?

No, the 30 day return period begins from the day you receive the ring and in case you are planning for a proposal at a later date, you can simply ask us for an extension and we will happily extend the period upto 60 days.

In case you choose to return the ring, shipping is free and we will email you the shipping labels so that the return process is hassle free.


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